Wirelab Records proudly presents the latest aural masterpiece from the exceptionally talented Martin Luciuk with his new E.P., “Magically”. Hailing from the picturesque Mar del Plata, Argentina, Luciuk has become a revered name in the electronic music scene. He is known for his enthralling fusion of House and Deep genres, enriched with vibrant and fresh sounds.

“Magically” is a captivating showcase of Luciuk’s unique musical vision, blending deep tech minimal beats with quirky, innovative soundscapes. The E.P.’s title track, “Magically”, is a testament to his ability to create a deep, immersive experience, while its companion piece, “Enchanted”, explores a lighter, more playful side, featuring whimsical melodies and robust basslines.

Having graced the D.J. booths of the world’s most prestigious clubs and festivals, Martin Luciuk’s name is often seen alongside top international acts like M.A.N.D.Y., Audiofly, and Blond:ish. His deep understanding of the dance floor dynamics and his ability to connect with the audience has elevated him to a status few D.J.s achieve.

As a producer, Luciuk strongly emphasises conceptual artistry, crafting tracks that are not only danceable but also rich in narrative and emotional depth. His productions, characterized by pulsating basslines and cool, evocative vocals, reflect his sonic philosophy and demonstrate his versatility and creative prowess. With the release of “Magically”, Wirelab Records continues its tradition of delivering exceptional, genre-defying music. Martin Luciuk’s latest E.P. is more than just music; it’s an artistic journey to enchant and energize listeners and dance floors alike.

Magically Martin Luciuk

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