Sit Down

Wirelab Records proudly presents “Sit Down,” the 48th release from the renowned label. This EP marks a thrilling collaboration between DiCristino and DJ Jav E, promising an electrifying journey through peak-time techno. Known for their commitment to cutting-edge electronic music, Wirelab Records continues to push boundaries and support emerging talents.

DiCristino, formerly Christian Scott, has left an indelible mark on the music scene with his extensive experience and numerous successful releases. DJ Jav E, known for his unique blend of Latin rhythms and NYC sound, has been a constant force in the music industry. Together, they deliver a captivating sonic experience in “Sit Down.” This EP takes listeners on an unforgettable techno expedition, blending genres and influences to create a truly immersive journey.

With pulsating beats, mesmerizing synths, and immersive soundscapes, “Sit Down” is set to ignite dance floors and elevate energy levels. Stay tuned for this exceptional release from DiCristino and DJ Jav E under the esteemed label, Wirelab Records.

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