Wirelab Records proudly unveils the latest sonic adventure. For number 45, label head CJW returns to the helm with his “Medusa” EP. This release features two deep cuts, “Medusa” and “Gorgon”, delivering a captivating fusion of Deep Tech and Minimal styles. Building upon Wirelab Records’ reputation for curating groove-based, hypnotic music, the “Medusa” EP is poised to intrigue listeners and invigorate dance floors.

“Medusa” delivers a rich tapestry of rhythms paired with engaging stabs and hooks, creating a Deep Tech atmosphere that draws the listener in. While ‘Medusa’ sets a certain tone, ‘Gorgo’ contrasts by weaving together a head-nodding bass line and a funky lead horn. These elements meld seamlessly, perfect for warming up any dancefloor.

These tracks demonstrate CJW’s adeptness at navigating various electronic styles, establishing “Medusa” as an essential release for fans of both Deep Tech and Minimal genres.

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