Super Blue Moon

Wirelab Records proudly unveils “Super Blue Moon”, a singular track E.P. by Dark Kandy, known for their dark, minimal, and glitchy style with funky basslines.

This release highlights Dark Kandy’s skill in merging glitch-infused beats with funky grooves. “Super Blue Moon” stands out as a deep, immersive soundscape, showcasing Dark Kandy’s knack for blending hypnotic rhythms with intricate basslines. Renowned in elite DJ circles, Dark Kandy’s tracks resonate on dance floors worldwide, sharing stages with top international acts.

Dark Kandy’s production combines rhythmic allure and narrative depth, marked by their signature pulsating basslines and evocative vocals. “Super Blue Moon” by Wirelab Records is not just music; it’s a captivating journey to enthral listeners and energize dance floors.

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