Journey To Love

Wirelab Records, known for its commitment to cutting-edge electronic music, is proud to release Journey to Love. This captivating musical collaboration between DiCristino and DJ Jav E promises to transport listeners on an unforgettable peak-time techno expedition, blending various genres and influences to create a truly unique and immersive experience. The EP is proudly released under the esteemed label Wirelab Records. With a focus on quality productions and forward-thinking sounds, Wirelab Records has garnered a reputation as a driving force in the techno music industry, consistently delivering groundbreaking releases and supporting emerging talents.

DiCristino, formerly known as Christian Scott, made his mark on the music scene by DJing house parties and mobile events in the NYC area during the late 80s. His passion for music production blossomed in the early 90s when he began working with renowned artists such as Lenny Dee and Omar Santana. With an impressive roster of record labels under his belt, including Cutting Trax, Eightball Records, Nervous Records, and Ultra Records, DiCristino’s talent and dedication have earned him well-deserved recognition and success. He is also the owner and founder of Twitch Raid Train (Bklyn Sessions) and studio BKLYN LAB, further solidifying his presence in the industry.

DJ Jav E, hailing from New York and currently residing in Pennsylvania, brings a unique blend of Latin rhythms and the original NYC sound to his DJ sets. Beginning his career at the age of 18 in 1993, DJ Jav E has been a constant force in the music scene, captivating audiences with his diverse selection of house, tribal house, afro house, tech house, minimal techno, and techno. Having experienced legendary NYC nightclubs like Sound Factory, Tunnel, Twilo, and the Limelight, DJ Jav E was an integral part of the emerging underground scene. His recent collaboration with DiCristino on the track “Tengo,” released on Mimetic Music, further showcases his creative prowess and dedication to delivering exceptional music. “Journey to Love” brings together DiCristino and DJ Jav E’s immense talents, creating a sonic tapestry that transcends boundaries and connects with audiences on a deep level.

The EP takes listeners on a peak-time techno journey driven by pulsating beats, mesmerizing synths, and immersive soundscapes. Each track is carefully crafted to ignite dancefloors and elevate energy levels to new heights.

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