Wirelab Records is thrilled to unveil its 43rd release, exclusively spotlighting the talents of Dark Kandy. In “Breakdance”, Dark Kandy demonstrates a profound mastery over deep tech/minimal music, establishing an exquisite balance between innovation and emotive resonance.

The musical adventure starts with the title track, “Breakdance”, which seamlessly fuses infectious beats and riveting rhythms with transcendent melodies. Propelled by a compelling bassline, the glistening chords set the stage for a genuinely immersive auditory expedition.

The energy remains undiminished as “Mantra” takes over. Punctuated by rhythmic beats and subtly interwoven strings, the track evolves with rich stabs, culminating in a sonic crescendo that transports listeners to an entrancing realm. The earnest emotions embedded in every note testify to Dark Kandy’s artistic prowess.

Crafted with the dancefloor in mind, this EP boasts an intricate sound design that provides depth and creates a captivating experience for aficionados in the most discerning clubs.

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