Close Your Eyes

Wirelab Records proudly presents its 42nd release, a collaboration between label heads Dark Kandy and CJW. Together, they offer a solid release of deep and innovative deep tech/minimal music, showcasing their mastery of production and ability to conjure emotive grooves. The journey begins with “Close Your Eyes,” a track that blends infectious beats, captivating rhythms, and uplifting melodies. The driving bassline fuels the momentum, while shimmering chords create an immersive sonic landscape.

It’s a euphoric experience that energizes the dancefloor. Continuing the exploration, “Higher and Higher” features pulsating grooves and filtered strings gradually weaving into the track. Lush stabs build up to a crescendo, creating an immersive atmosphere that invites listeners to surrender and enjoy the music. This EP effortlessly dives into deep tech, with heartfelt emotion infused into each track by these talented Scottish producers.

Designed for the dancefloor, the meticulous sound design adds depth, offering an immersive experience for music enthusiasts in discerning discothèques.

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