Clyde Rouge

I’m not a classically trained pianist. I didn’t grow up in a home filled with music from the age of 2 and I didn’t steal my parent’s records from an early age. From my younger days though visual art was my thing, and also the path I was keen to pursue but for whatever reason, I made the change over to audio.

For a long time being a DJ was expressive enough for me until around 2014 I started to experiment with writing my own music. I try not to write with genres in mind and instead focus on influences both visual and audio and put that into my music.

Given the access, we have today to such a vast range of music and my time on the dance floor this has seen my work span across the spectrum in 2017. My collaboration with CJW on Wirelab gained strong support from Laurent Garnier while ‘Progressive’ tracks on my own label were gaining airplay from DJs who are more likely associated with Trance such as Gai Barone and Solarstone. Scheduled for early 2018 are releases on Pro B Tech Music (Techno), Suffused Music (Progressive), DJ Zombi’s Beat Boutique (Progressive) and an EP on Italian Minimal/Deep Tech outfit Undeliving Records.

Chief Rouge Records will continue to be an outlet for my own brand of Progressive and Progressive Breaks. The best thing to do is just to check it out and see if it’s for you.