Elysian Underground

Elysian Underground hails from the North of England, fuelled by the hedonistic golden legacy of the Manchester club scene, which gave rise to a string of glittering classics that graced and defined a decade. The Elysian Underground sound heralds the return to the glory days of Electronic Warehouse music.

Elysian Underground is a British electronic musician otherwise known as Jim Black. He is best known for his idiosyncratic synth style, primarily in genres such as House, Techno and Intelligent Dance Music. Raised in Northern England, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Black began releasing dance tracks in the early 2000s. In 2008, he first received acclaim with a selection of his most prominent electronic works. He has label releases with Clubmackan, Subplant Records and Funk ’D’void’s Breathru album.

The Elysian Underground sound is a return to the roots of classic dance music, where the iconic sounds live on, and a return to synth decadence emanates from his work. Listen and enter the realm of Retro Future.