Martin Luciuk

Martin Luciuk embodies musical artistry, originally hailing from the scenic locale of Mar del Plata, Argentina. A maestro of the turntables, Luciuk has honed an impeccable instinct for the ebb and flow of the dance floor, captivating audiences with his adept fusion of House and Deep genres sprinkled with invigorating fresh sounds.

His profound versatility has seen him usurp the D.J. booths of the world’s most prestigious clubs and electrifying festivals. His name has risen through the ranks to be billed alongside luminary international acts in the electronic arena, such as M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical), Audiofly (Crosstown Rebels/Flying Circus), and Blond:sh (Kompakt), among others.

Today, Luciuk also channels his creative genius into music production, emphasising conceptual artistry as the cornerstone of his work. His productions are a testament to his sonic philosophy, featuring pulsating basslines and effortlessly cool vocals that are as evocative as they are danceable.