Darkmode - Electronic Soul Warrior EP

Release Date:2017-04-07
Darkmode Electronic Soul Warrior EP

Wirelab Records are delighted to be joined by Darkmode for their 16th outing. Darkmode has been a proponent of high-paced Techno music for nigh on a decade. Having made a name for himself on the Techno scene, his early music productions grabbed the attention of the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Radioactive Man, Regis and DJ Bone, after his initial release The DATA EP on Testin Out Records. 2017 sees his success grow with his own imprint Biotech Recordings being supported by Laurent Garnier. Electronic Soul Warrior EP has all the ingredients of that Detroit techno sound we love here at Wirelab. Whilst trying to stay true to the sound of techno and avoiding the heavier industrial edge the EP is packed full of Dirty bass grooves and jacking percussion with pad and synth sounds synonymous with the Motor city vibe. CJW provides his own interpretations of both tracks providing a huge amount quirk on his remix of “The Music Institute” and opting for a more dance floor orientated techno session for the remix of the title track. Wirelab Records are excited to promo via inflyteapp and be distributed by EPM Digital.

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