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Listen to what others in the world techno are saying about CJW the provider of these tracks and Wirelab Records owner:

  • TRUNCATE - "Nice One!"
  • JOHN SELWAY - "These will work!"
  • FLORIAN MEINDL - "Super cool!"
  • CARLIO LIO - "Excellent"
  • OLDERIC - "Sick!!"

In Denman Anderson's blog about haunting techno tracks here is what he had to say about Day Of The Deep included in the download.

"Though deep and somewhat dark in nature, there is just a hint of soul to CJW’s "Day of the Deep". It’s techno with a solid tech house lean that would be able to satisfy both techno and house fans at the same time. Like a clear blue ocean at night, the pieces and parts gently float up to the surface here. A quiet kick and bright hat usher things in, only to be joined by gentle bass and synths that unfold as they float up. The layers increase bit by bit as the rhythms grow in complexity. By the end, a venerable island of sound has risen from the serene waters. It would be unfair to say this track is simply one big rise; instead, it’s a fully fleshed-out dynamic on a steady trajectory."

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