Techno Music Artists

Welcome to the wirelab techno music artists page. As a new independent label we have been trying to grow our label over the past two years. We now have six very diverse artists that provide a range of different style of techno music.

The first artist to join the label back in 2015 was Kieran Brown aka Browney. His ‘Deep Visions’ track was part of a two track release, the other being a remix by label boss CJW. It was a bit of a milestone for label as bringing new talent was a learning curve in all that is involved in running a record label.

Since then as the label continues to grow some amazing new talent has joined. Following on was Northern. Simon Brown being a self confessed analog junkie and similar obsession with the dub techno sound filled his tracks with all with that deep minor chord washed in delay and reverb which is a firm favourite with the label. Just around the corner was Ben Techy, also a new producer with youth on his side, opting for a more dark industrial sound and the same time ticking the boxes on what we love here at wirelab.

It was a real joy when Marko Laine, former Djax-Up-Beats artist, got in touch with us. To hear he was producing again and re launching his Mind Records imprint was music to our ears. He has delivered two very different styled EPs for the label but both bringing the sounds and groove that we love.

Before the end of 2015 CJW & TENT teamed up to remix each other’s work. This resulted in a four tough techno grooves. With TENT’s remix of “don’t follow me” being a firm favourite on the promo and rightly so as its an absolute banger of track.

The most recent edition was Audiothief Rescue Mission. With a name like that who could refuse, Uwe Hahnewald hailing from Germany. Stating influences from the electronic sounds of the 80s and 90s by bands like Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. These influences are well transferred to his Exotherm EP where you can hear the electronic vibe throughout.

Our door is always open and we are keen to support new and emerging techno music artists. So if you are a new producer why not check out our demo submissions page and get in touch with the label.

If you enjoy the music then you will be pleased to know that Label owner CJW is giving away three free techno tracks. Click here to get access