Want It

Wirelab Records proudly presents “Want It,” the 49th release from the Glasgow-based label, featuring the seasoned talent of Rob Harnetty. Celebrated as a veteran in the electronic music scene and a former resident DJ for the iconic clubbing brand Cream, Rob brings his extensive experience to this latest EP. “Want It” plunges listeners into a world of deep grooves and funky dub techno, showcasing Rob’s ability to fuse genres seamlessly.

His tracks resonate with a mature, refined sound that includes mesmerizing rhythms and lush, dub-infused techno beats. This collection not only reflects Rob’s versatility across house, trance, and progressive scenes but also highlights his darker, more introspective techno persona, Rohar.

With its profound basslines and intricate, funky techno rhythms, “Want It” is set to captivate dance floors and elevate the listener’s experience. Anticipate this dynamic and profound release from Rob Harnetty on Wirelab Records.

Rob Harnetty - Want It

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