Removing Facebook Likes

I decided to write this post for a few reasons.

  1. So that any other new artists, producers or record label owners don’t make the same mistakes I have made.
  2. To provide a guide on how to clean your Facebook artist page if you have succumbed to bad advertising advice, or been the victim of a click farm
  3. To point you to the best online training course that I can highly recommend for help with marketing Indepreneur.IO

When I started my journey of music production and running a record label a few years ago now I had no idea about marketing. It wasn’t even on my radar. If the music is good the rest will take care of itself right? Wrong! Fast forward to the present day and its finally starting to sink in that to succeed in this new music industry you have to treat your music career as a business. For any business to succeed in 2017 effective marketing is a vital weapon in the armoury.

Love it or hate it Facebook adverting looks like it is here to stay. If used correctly it can be a very powerful tool for reaching fans and raising awareness of your brand. However, if used incorrectly you can waste a lot of your time and hard earned cash not to mention destroy your organic reach.

Facebook Page Likes

As a new artist getting your facebook artist page setup can be an exciting and challenging time. When new fans start discovering your music and liking your page you can see how it can become very seductive. Sometimes you’re a looking for a bit of confirmation that what you are doing is actually working and reaching new people.The problem with using Facebook adverts to get people to like your page is that you can run into trouble. I recently purchased a course online that contained a strategy of getting 10,000-page likes worldwide in 7 days. On paper and after spending around $80 on the advert, yes I had the 10,000 likes on my page. But consider this, I had 10,000 people that liked my page without ever hearing my music and I also had 10,000 people that were never likely to buy any of music or merchandise or engage with any of my content.Thankfully shortly after doing this, I discovered Indepreneur.IO. Kyle and the team have a proven and effective system for using Facebook adverts. I have already started a new campaign and the difference is night and day. It’s not a quick fix solution and does take effort and can feel a little complex at the beginning. But if you stick with their course you will see results and you will start engaging with real fans.

The Cleanse

So if like me you followed a bad strategy or perhaps you where the victim of a click farm that resulted and a huge quantity of likes on your page from fake or pointless accounts then here are the steps to remove. Using this method took me around 2 hours to remove around 10k people and to this date, I am not aware of any other way to do it.

Step 1. Head over to the settings on your artist page as shown below.

removing-facebook-likes-settingsStep 2. From the left-hand menu select people and pagesremoving-facebook-likes-pagesStep 3. Select “people who like this page”removing-facebook-likes-people

Step 4. You can now select people using the checkbox. Then press the cog and remove from page likes.


Please note the following.

  • You can keep scrolling down and eventually reveal your entire list of page likes. You can then go back to the top of the page and hit the select all checkbox (the one beside “Name”).
  • If you have thousands of likes then you will most likely get an error, but I do believe some are removed.
  • If you select smaller groups of 10 or 20 then you do get a success message.

Keep grinding at this and eventually, you will get rid of the likes you no longer want.I can also confirm that after completing this task my page organic reach had returned to normal and posts were getting similar responses to what they were before. Once you have completed this I strongly advise you get over to Indepreneur.IO and look into their master fan finder course. It really works and also includes access to a fantastic facebook group without none of which this blog would have been possible.

Best, Colin

Wirelab Records

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