CJW & TENT - Don't Follow Fear EP


Closing out what has been a fantastic year for wireLab CJW joins forces with TENT to bring 4 tracks of dark sinister techno grooves.

Don’t follow fear EP sees new material from each of the artists and the respective remix of the original tracks. Nick Humphrey aka TENT has his debut with ‘Culture of Fear’, and a remix of CJW’s ‘Don’t Follow Me’, both tracks have a uniquely dark and almost hypnotic sound with warm tones so distinctive to his work.

It is important for TENT to experiment with different styles ranging from the unusual and unconventional to the quintessential of the genre- the only shared feature being their intensity and energy.

CJW comes with his original ‘Don’t Follow Fear’ and remixing TENT’s ‘Culture of fear’ continuing on the dark menacing sounds whilst keeping true to the ethos of the label with underlying techno grooves.

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