CJW - Crosswire EP


The Glaswegian vinyl junkie decided to finally ditch that bed inconveniently taking up space in his spare room. And (despite the loud complaints of his nearest and dearest) replaced it with a DAW and some speakers. Little did he know what this would mean.

The launch of new record label Wirelab…
10 killer cuts completed in just 1 month…

2 golden opportunities for you to wreak complete havoc on your dancefloor.
Check “Morse Code” from around 5 minutes to discover just how much pandemonium CJWs seemingly innocent decision will create in your club. And if you’re afraid of the repercussions dropping a monster like Morse Code will have on the sanity of your punters?

Check “Down” for a heavy slab of pure early hours filth. (And watch out for what’s coming next. This is just the beginning…)

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