CJW -Test Rig EP

Fresh off the back of his release on Detroit’s Motech Records CJW returns to his own label, Wirelab Records, for the labels 20th release.

Test Rig EP delivers two fresh groove based techno tracks each with its own unique slant.The title track sees a more Detroit influenced groove guaranteed to keep heads nodding. Berlin is more dark affair with its grinding stabs yet still delivering an underlying groove and pleasing 909 hat patterns.

Always willing to support new talent, we continue this ethos by bringing on Dubrovnik (UK) aka Chris Currie. On remix duties Dubrovnik (UK) takes a completely different approach to the title track and sends it on a real deep excursion in his own unique signature style. Perfect for transitioning any warm up set.

A fresh talent on the Glasgow scene Dubrovnik (UK) is DJ and producer with past releases on Flashmob, 22 Digit, and 18-09 Records. You can catch Dubrovnik (UK) djing during his residency for Glasgow based club night Alumni (which he co-promotes), in association with Shoogle Studios


Arctor - Nihilist Funk EP

Glasgow based Wirelab Records continue their ethos of supporting new and local talent and are delighted to be joined by Tom Livingston aka Arctor for the label’s 19th release.

Arctor is a very talented DJ/Producer living in Glasgow. Producing high tempo electro and techno with soulful Detroit-flavoured sounds. He has been steadily building his catalogue dating back to September 2015 with his first release Genovese EP. Since then he been releasing not only his own material but also remixing on a number of labels.

As well as producing quality techno, Arctor also heads up a residency at Glasgow based night Tremors. Every Third Friday of every month in Flat 0/1, Bath Street he joins other resident Dennis Seltzer-Grant in the DJ Booth (plus the odd guest DJ or three) to smash out an eclectic mix of House, Techno, Disco and Electro.

Previous guests have included: Animal Farm, Missing Persons Club, Max Spittal (Craigie Knowes), Nowicki (Renegades of Funk), Twonko Delerium (Lunacy), Billy Woods (Supermax) and Kyle Robertson (West End Communications).

The Nihilist Funk EP delivers of three new tracks by Arctor and a remix from label boss CJW. Flavours of techno grooves throughout and we hope you enjoy.


CJW & Clyde Rouge - Deviate EP

A first for the label as two new but established producers join forces to collaborate on this exciting new release. Wirelab records present their 18th release.

Label boss CJW and Chief Rouge Records head honcho Clyde Rouge join forces to bring you the two track Deviate EP. What happens when a progressive house producer and Detroit/Dub techno producer collaborate? Not what you would expect!

Deviate EP delivers two gritty slices of tribal techno that come from beneath with a sinister edge. The title track “Deviate” is a straight up techno affair guaranteed to shake any dance floor delivering that peak hour classic sound. On the B side “Subway” whilst doesn’t have the same pace is still dark distorted groove and is perfect for that build up in any techno room.


CJW - Conjuring

Glasgow based Wirelab Records is fast approaching the end of its 3rd year and continuing to delve deeper into the realms of techno.

Support for the label continues to grow with previous EPs being supported by Laurent Garnier, DJ3000, Xpansul, Paul Nazca and many more.

Number 17 in our catalogue sees label boss CJW return with new material, after a break from working on other tracks and releasing on Bulletdodge, Biotech Recordings and True Type Tracks.

Conjuring EP contains four new techno tracks each bringing their own different techno vibe, some hard hitting but always maintaining the underlying groove.

Wirelab records are proudly distributed by EPM Digital.


Darkmode - Electronic Soul Warrior EP

Wirelab Records are delighted to be joined by Darkmode for their 16th outing. Darkmode has been a proponent of high-paced Techno music for nigh on a decade.

Having made a name for himself on the Techno scene, his early music productions grabbed the attention of the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Radioactive Man, Regis and DJ Bone, after his initial release The DATA EP on Testin Out Records.

2017 sees his success grow with his own imprint Biotech Recordings being supported by Laurent Garnier. Electronic Soul Warrior EP has all the ingredients of that Detroit techno sound we love here at Wirelab.

Whilst trying to stay true to the sound of techno and avoiding the heavier industrial edge the EP is packed full of Dirty bass grooves and jacking percussion with pad and synth sounds synonymous with the Motor city vibe. CJW provides his own interpretations of both tracks providing a huge amount quirk on his remix of “The Music Institute” and opting for a more dance floor orientated techno session for the remix of the title track.

Wirelab Records are excited to promo via inflyteapp and be distributed by EPM Digital


Decante - Finish Dubb EP

Welcome to Wirelab number fifteen. It’s always exciting to bring in and a new artist and this release is no exception.

Glasgow newcomer Decante aka Johnny Corrigan joins the lab for his debut release. Finish Dubb is a real excursion into the realms of dub techno and you can heard all those influences as the track takes you on this epic journey.

Keeping things strictly on home turf label boss CJW turns in a chilled out melodic interpretation of the tracks.

Whilst Clyde Rouge, owner at Chief Rouge Records, puts his own stamp with some hard hitting sub heavy house beats.


CJW - Labtech EP

Flying solo and delivering new material in his own unique versatile style CJW returns to his home label Wirelab. This EP sees four tracks of throbbing, dark techno grooves aimed at the peak hour dance floor


Marko Laine - Slammed EP

Wirelab number thirteen see the return of former Djax-up-beats artist Marko Laine.

We are delighted to have him back on the label with three new exciting techno tracks in his own own unique style.

Out on the 31st of March 2016 Marko Laine and CJW have joined forces to bring you an excellent five track EP which includes two remixes from the label boss himself


Audiothief Rescue Mission - Exotherm EP

We are excited to announce the first wireLab release of 2016 scheduled for February 11th. The labels 12th release introduces German native Uwe Hahnewald aka Audiothief Rescue Mission.

Inspired by the electronic acts of the 80s Uwe started his experimentation of electronica in the early 90s and has been building has hardware collection ever since.

As well as being a talented techno DJ he brings all these influences to his debut release for wirelab providing us with two dark techno cuts, ‘Mind transmitter’ and the title track ‘Exotherm’.Demonstrating this artists dedication to the sound of German techno both tracks twist and turn with their unrelenting menacing grooves.

Label boss CJW also takes to the helm and delivers a remix of both tracks in his trademark uncompromising style. ‘Exotherm’ is filled with dark early hours warehouse pulsating groove whilst his interpretation of ‘Mind Transmitter’ is peak time hypnotic techno goodness.


CJW & TENT - Don't Follow Fear EP

Closing out what has been a fantastic year for wireLab CJW joins forces with TENT to bring 4 tracks of dark sinister techno grooves.

Don’t follow fear EP sees new material from each of the artists and respective remix of the original tracks. Nick Humphrey aka TENT has his debut with ‘Culture of Fear’, and a remix of CJW’s ‘Don’t Follow Me’, both tracks have a uniquely dark and almost hypnotic sound with warm tones so distinctive to his work.

It is important for TENT to experiment with different styles ranging from the unusual and unconventional to the quintessential of the genre- the only shared feature being their intensity and energy.

CJW comes with his original ‘Don’t Follow Fear’ and remixing TENT’s ‘Culture of fear’ continuing on the dark menacing sounds whilst keeping true to the ethos of label with underlying techno grooves.