Wave Funktion

Growing up in Liverpool during the late ’80s and ’90s, the emerging UK rave scene kicked off a lifelong passion in House and Techno. After relocating to Bristol and becoming a serious vinyl addict, he started DJing at underground nights around the city.  Dabbling in music production through friends’ studios and borrowing synths for years, …

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Markus Swarz

I like deep and punchy kick drums and sub basses.” German producer Markus Swarz has established himself as an exciting, creative Melodic Techno artist in a very short space of time. With a strong back catalogue on labels such as LW, COOD and Monkey League, masterful sound design and an ear for a tune, Markus …

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Funk D’Void

What an absolute pleasure it is to have this techno legend on the label. It’s not often that dance music producers can stay relevant and revered highly in the game for as long as Lars Sandberg (aka Funk D’Void, Francois Dubois, Chaser and his more recent project, Joyless). Recently he has played in Berlin, Moscow, …

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Ben Techy

Ruairidh McKay aka ‘Ben Techy’ is a Scottish DJ/Producer who is fairly new on the techno scene, yet his deep passion and strong love for the genre are shown through his ability to produce a dark, driving beat. Ben Techy can be characterised as many things, but with his dark humour and hatred for ‘vinyl …

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With a number of successful releases under his birth name, Nick Humphrey, the alias TENT was created with the aim of releasing original forms of Techno and Tech-House that would become iconic with this pseudonym. His debut track ‘Culture of Fear’, released with remix of CJW’s ‘Don’t Follow Me’, has a uniquely dark and almost …

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Decante is a young techno producer hailing from Glasgow, he has been producing/DJing on and off for about four years. He has been a lover of techno since childhood where he got his hands on his older siblings cassette tapes and vinyl. This love of techno was reaffirmed in later years by attending pressure nights …

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Darkmode has been a proponent of high-paced Techno music for nigh on a decade. Having made a name for himself on the Techno scene, his early music productions grabbed the attention of the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Radioactive Man, Regis and DJ Bone, after his initial release The DATA EP on Testin Out Records. Darkmode …

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Clyde Rouge

I’m not a classically trained pianist. I didn’t grow up in a home filled with music from the age of 2 and I didn’t steal my parent’s records from an early age. From my younger days though visual art was my thing, and also the path I was keen to pursue but for whatever reason, …

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Arctor aka Tom Livingston is a talented DJ/Producer hailing from Glasgow, UK. Producing high tempo electro and techno with soulful Detroit flavoured sounds. He has been steadily building his catalogue dating back to September 2015 with his first release Genovese EP. Since then he has been releasing not only his own material but also remixing …

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Dubrovnik (UK)

Dubrovnik (UK) is a Glasgow based Dj and producer with past releases on Flashmob, 22 Digit, and 18-09 Records. Future releases for 2018 are scheduled on Wirelab, Tulipa, My Vision and Deep Tech Records. Dubrovnik (UK) favours deep minimal music with deep dub chords, dub elements and atmospheres to compliment the driving, percussive and tripped …

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